What Is Leadership Zen?

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What is Leadership Zen?

Changing the World, One Life at a Time

Positivity has been my thing for the last 20 years, which has led to my calling and the work that I do to help improve people’s lives. It also led to my creating and evolving a personal development philosophy I call Leadership Zen. It based on the idea that we can all live our best lives by focusing on new habits, what I call The Six Commitments. It works, and I know – because it works for me.

If the immediate goal is individual self-development, my broader goal is to change the world. When people visibly live their best lives – with meaning, purpose, and joy – it is contagious. People like being happy and they like being successful. Leadership Zen is designed to help get you there.


The Six Commitments

Creating New Habits That Can Change Your Life

We are all driven by our routines, habits that establish our outlooks, our behaviors – and our biases. Therefore the foundation of Leadership Zen has to be working to change those habits and to establish new ones that tend to lead to better outcomes and a more meaningful and purposeful life. Enter the Six Commitments.

The foundation is Authenticity. Living according to our True Nature is critical to everything else. You cannot live your Best Life if you are trying to fit other people’s models of who they think you should be. From there, building up to successive commitments will result that life we’re talking about. I guarantee it because I have lived it, and because I have helped others live it too.

Life With Balance

The Mind, Body, Soul, Spirit (MBSS) Connection

Making the commitment to change is only the first step. Our goal and the most likely outcome of practicing the concepts of Leadership Zen is Balance. In the “old days” that would have meant keeping the relative peace between your work life and your personal life. I have found this too simplistic, as most of us wear a lot more than two hats.

That is why we focus on the whole You, emphasizing balance between the Mind, Body, Soul, and Spirit. Imagine being physically and mentally healthy, able to feel and express emotions freely, and in tune with the Universe however you choose to express it. That is what Leadership Zen strives for, and in my experience, that is what it achieves.

By recognizing that we are more than two-dimensional, we open up possibilities we never knew we have. It is a wonderful feeling to be at peace, living in moments while leading a full and purposeful life. That is Life With Balance.

Connect With Me

I Can Help You Get Started On The Journey

Leadership Zen can teach you how to change those habits, and therefore how to change your life. You can lead a more meaningful and purposeful life, and you can start today. Don’t expect a “how to” or a step-by-step program, because this isn’t one of those. I have seen a lot of those throughout my career and they almost never work. The key is to change habits. That is the only way you can change outcomes. Changing the way you think changes the way you act, which ultimately can help you to change your life and the world around you.

Let’s talk. I am invested in this philosophy and I am invested in your success. Contact me below. I would love to have that chat!

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