Everyone has a story. Here’s mine.

Hello! I’m Coach Redd

I believe that life is too short for negativity. I lived it, and so I decided to write about. Several years ago, I also decided to teach it.

As an author, coach, mentor, and human, I work to promote kindness and positivity in the world. I have found over the years that adopting a positive lifestyle can have profound impact on your mental, emotional and physical health – not to mention your overall performance.


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My Story, My Journey

It's probably not what you were thinking

My Career

I started my career in business, working for large corporations and rising from the ground up to the executive ranks. Most of that experience was in Operations and Marketing, and during that time I was exposed to so much – including traveling to 34 countries (and counting). I learned a lot.

Along the way I spent a good deal of my time studying people and eventually leadership. I worked to figure out how to coach individuals to peak performance. I also learned that it is impossible to separate the professional from the personal. Everything we do is linked to who we are as people, and that became the foundation of my personal development philosophy, Leadership Zen.

Then I walked away from business altogether to start my own practice, and eventually my own company and the nonprofit #CauseChange Foundation.

My Calling

My goal now is to touch lives, to change the world one life at a time. I help do this as a coach and mentor, but also through a group of outstanding coaches at Coaching by Zen.  Together we seek to help individuals find and live their best lives. While I do this by promoting programs and methods that tackle life, career, and overall positivity, the Impact Artists at Coaching by Zen can coach across a wider spectrum of holistic wellness methodologies.

I learn so I can teach. And I teach solutions that can become habits for life.

My Journey

Well we all have one don’t we? My current one is that I was recently diagnosed with cancer, so I am living with Stage IV colon cancer. It has spread to my lungs and my spine, and I am living with the effects. The most noticeable is that I the spinal surgery has me learning to walk again (I am ahead of schedule but I do not think I will be dancing anytime soon). But the chemo isn’t a ball either.

All that though and I am still living a positive life, and my best life. The cancer, for me, just Is. Nothing I can do about why I have it, everything in the world I can do about what comes next. I fight it personally, I am an advocate for awareness and prevention, and I write about it to help inspire others to fight. Because #CancerSucks.

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