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Hello! I’m Coach Redd

I believe that life is too short for negativity. I lived it, and so I decided to write about it. Several years ago, I also decided to teach it.

As an author, coach, mentor, and human, I work to promote kindness and positivity in the world. I have found over the years that adopting a positive lifestyle can have profound impact on your mental, emotional and physical health – not to mention your overall performance.


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I am committed to touching as many lives as possible, helping everyone FIND and LIVE their BEST lives. That’s why I decided to create a valuable membership program that gives you exclusive access to LiveCasts, discounts on coaching packages, special offers and much more more. Commit to a long term journey on the path to success!

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Let's talk about living your best life

Welcome to Positive Spirit, the podcast that is all about helping you find and live your BEST life. Hosted by Coach Redd and the very talented Alison Quackenbush and Jennifer Endacott, tune in regularly for a good, positive vibe that can help you change your own!

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Wellness is a choice, and it is more than a diet or a commitment to exercise more. Your well-being depends on creating balance between the Mind, Body, Soul, and Spirit (MBSS), and creating habits to sustain that balance. That is where Life With Balance comes in. I designed and developed it for you to guide you to a world of your own creation – with a few suggestions along the way. Check it out today!